Cloudflare and Heroku – free SSL for your domain

In previous entry I have described the process of configuring heroku and cloudflare to work together and serve your app under custom domain, so it’s probably a good idea to read that first.

There is one more great thing about using cloudflare – even in free subscription they will give you SSL encryption. For free. And like in python – batteries included ;)

Enable free SSL

So ho  to turn this on? Go to CRYPTO tab in your cloudflare account, and select ‘Full’ option. In theory you can also use ‘Flex’, but I can’t see reason why, plus it’s causing a lot of trouble with heroku.

SSL settings on Cloudflare

You can scroll down and browse some of the other options. I’m using ‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’, just to be sure that I encrypt as much as I can.

Create page rules

After turning on encryption, we should redirect all potential http traffic to https. So let’s go to ‘Page Rules’ tab and do so. Click ‘Create Page Rule’, provide domain name with asterisk eg. http://** then click ‘Add s Setting’ and choose ‘Always Use HTTPS’.

Page rules for your site

Change DNS target

One final thing we have to do to make all this work – we have to change our DNS target from herokudns to herokuapp. Go to DNS tab, and edit your DNS records. It should point to your app address provided by heroku, so we have to change to

Changing a DNS target for CNAME record from herokudns to herokuapp

SSL won’t work with At least not the free one (correct me if I’m wrong). Of course you can try, but I had number of problems with infinite redirects etc.

Final thoughts

When I first try to configure this whole cloud stuff, I have encountered number of problems. First I’ve turned everything, including free SSL and pointed it to herokudns, and as you may imagine, it didn’t work (redirect loops etc.). When working with free account in cloudflare it’s very irritating, cause it all takes time (first to propagate, then to change some options), but it comes with the territory – after all, we are not paying them a cent.

In general, you should encrypt. Especially when it’s free. Not only google will position you better (just google: ‘google ssl rank’ – there is number of articles about it) but your ISP won’t be able to spy on you (well, they will know that you are on the page, but they don’t know what are you doing in there).

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