About me

Few (un)important facts about me:

  • born in NES age, southern Poland
  • first PC got quite late, awesome pentium 100 with 24MB RAM and 900MB HDD (I was pushing it to the limit to be able to run Baldur’s Gate)
  • done some web and frontend development, then shifted to testing in telco (basically for Ericsson), currently working as senior QA engineer in regression team in Sabre GDS

Since I was a kid I was messing with stuff like alarm clocks, mixers, radios and whatever the hell I was able to get into my hands. Usually ending up with bunch of parts left and things broken.

When I grew up, I moved to breaking software. First in telecommunication, later with your air ticket prices, air taxes etc. Constantly looking for new challenges, doing some small side projects etc. This blog is one of it.

If you want to contact me, feel free to do it through:

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